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What do I buy for my pregnant friends birthday?

What does a pregnant woman want for her birthday?
Comfort, yummy healthy treats, a back massage? Yes!

I know so many pregnant ladies. So, I decided to prepare
myself and find a few possible goodies for those preggo ladies!

How about comfort:

{Kimono robe from: plumprettysugar}

{Heart hands shirt from: JellybeanApparel}

{Felted slippers from: alifecrocheted}

and yummy healthy treats:

{Chunky applesauce from: LapaceksOrchard}

{Happy mornings nausea tea from: thespoiledmama}

{Ginger slices from: SaharasSupplies}

and the back:

{Neck relief pack from: ComfyCreations}

{Muscle relief salve from: spirithorseherbals}

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  1. Ohmigoodness. I loved this post. All the pictures... hehe.
    Thanks for the comment--I had to come back here again, and I'm your newest follower:) Love your blog!