Please excuse the mess... I am currently rearranging my blog. :)


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Busy Weekend

I've had such a busy weekend. Yummy food. Rummage sales. Estate sales. Babies. New shop items.
Check out below to see my weekend.

Middle Eastern flat bread

Old Doors
Vintage bill holder
Miniature Goose Figurine - Will be for sale in my shop soon!Vintage Lamp from Estate saleGiant carrot from my gardenBaby Kamilah. So sweet.New shop item to be in my shop soon. Plate Chalkboard!
Vintage button magnet sets to be in my shop soon!
New shop item! Bird feeder to be added to my shop soon!

I have about 10 new items that I hope to add to my little paper home shop tomorrow. Check it out!



You talk to animals too? Thursday's Three

You know you talk to your dogs and cats. I do! I just had a 5 minute conversation with Angus the Chihuahua! I know he understood. So, I bring back Thursday's Three with a talking to animals theme. Check out these cute shops on Etsy!The Girl Who Talked to Birds by, the dreamy giraffe
We Need to Talk Print by, Lake Illustration
Fox Felicitations by, time2cre8

Check them out!-chelsey


Neat-o Shop!

So I found this neat little Etsy shop.
Poodlebreath's shop items are so unique and fun! I had so much fun looking through the shop. Please, take a look for some unique finds!Little Helping Hands Wall Sculpture by, PoodleBreath

I'm always so pleasantly surprised to find so many unique and neat shops on Etsy!

Now, back to me! Stay tuned to little paper home for new items! Soon to come, handpainted words, chalkboards, magnets, and more! Just a few more touches I need to add to everything!
And, one of my Milk Glass Vintage Bird Feeders was recently featured in Etsy's Gardening and Horticulture gift guide.
Its for sale right now at little paper home.
What am I listening to today while I create?

Solange (Beyonce's little sis) Sandcastle Disco



New custom crown

Here's a custom crown I just made for a lovely girl. She will be using it for her bachelorette party. I hope she loves it!
Check out my shop if you'd like your own custom crown!



Lets talk about my Princess

Meet Princess: She loves to play fetch and she'll come running into the room mewing with her mouth full of her favorite toy. I throw it for her and she's brings it back.
I just thought I'd talk about her because I got home last night and walked into a trap of thread she had strung through the dining room/living room. She knocked the spool off the table and wrapped the thread throughout the living room. My legs were all tangled. She's so special.

Embroidered Personalized Vintage Spool Necklace by, Emma Dear
I Want to Spool You Rotten - Print by, The Curious Nomad



Dang, I'm sick.

And I wish I felt better.

Feel Good Pill Bottle by, Louche Lab
Sick Kitty Illustration by, Reidsrow
Summer Crab Tissue Cozy by, Louche Lab



New items to be in my shop tomorrow...

My hubby has had our computer with him at work the last few days. It is soooo hard to get anything done without my computer. I hope to get these up in my shop tomorrow!
Hopefully I will get these up tomorrow. AND, hopefully my computer will stay at home next week.



Went to the flea market...

I went to one of our local flea markets yesterday and I found a few items I'm excited to play with!Stay tuned to both Paper Lady Invites and Little Paper Home to see how I use these items!

Speaking of vintage items check out one of my favorite Etsy shops! I've posted their items in my blog before, but I love them so much I thought I'd show off my favorites by Spruce Home.


Don't forget! My Grand Opening sale for little paper home ends on March 11th, 2009. Check it out!


My wedding photobooth...

I don't know if I've ever shown my wedding guest book. I had a photo booth at my wedding! It was soooo much fun! That was one of the favorites of my wedding from the guests. As far as my budget went I had to decide between a photo booth or video. I chose the photo booth. I do admit I wish I had someone record my wedding (I barely remember any of it). BUT, I absolutely love my photo booth photos. I have a copy of ALL of the photos.
Cover of my guestbook
Some of my bridemaids and friendsOkay fine. I admit it. The girl on the left is my sister and one of the guys on
the right is my husband...

Friends and family. Comments and photos got a little more silly as the
night and wine consumption went on... There was wine spilt on later
photos! So funny!


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Shop Grand Opening!

Grand Opening Sale through March 11th, 2009. Purchase an item and use the code: paperladynewshop in the purchase comment section and get $3 off of any item! Its only through the 11th!

It took longer than I thought, but my new shop is now open! Check it out! A lovely collection of art and birdfeeders and soon to be more!

Hope you enjoy! These can be used for more than birdfeeders. How about a cotton ball holder in your bathroom? Hold some bracelets and extras in your bedroom? Perfect little decoration!