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My wedding photobooth...

I don't know if I've ever shown my wedding guest book. I had a photo booth at my wedding! It was soooo much fun! That was one of the favorites of my wedding from the guests. As far as my budget went I had to decide between a photo booth or video. I chose the photo booth. I do admit I wish I had someone record my wedding (I barely remember any of it). BUT, I absolutely love my photo booth photos. I have a copy of ALL of the photos.
Cover of my guestbook
Some of my bridemaids and friendsOkay fine. I admit it. The girl on the left is my sister and one of the guys on
the right is my husband...

Friends and family. Comments and photos got a little more silly as the
night and wine consumption went on... There was wine spilt on later
photos! So funny!


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  1. That is THE BEST idea I have ever seen at a wedding or, for that matter, any party! How super fun!!

    BTW, you are way sweet!

    I love your tea cup idea as well. I had gone to your shop the other day looking for that pink creamer but nothing was up yet and now, dag nabbit, it's sold! Awesome for you, sad for me. I'm sure I will fall in love with another :P

  2. Photobooth over a video any day of the week--this is a super fun idea!!

  3. I have never heard of a photo booth at a wedding but I think it is an awesome idea! You made the right choice between that and a video!

  4. I think the photo album with all the photo strip pictures is the best part of having a photo booth! Yours turned out fabulous! Congrats!