Please excuse the mess... I am currently rearranging my blog. :)


A Day in the life of Chelsey!

Sooooo, I had a Chelsey day! I did some shopping, I drank some tea, and did some crafts. Good day!

I think I may be addicted to tea. I LOVE the Trader Joes green tea. Also, when I'm in town I love Portland's local company Peet's Coffee. They have great Earl Grey tea. I love my C cup.AND, I bought some cute items today.Okay, I totally had to fix these earrings after I bought them! They had loops on BOTH ends! I know they were cheap but really? It took me a minute to figure them out. I couldn't figure out how I was supposed to put them on. Luckily I knew how to fix them! Now I love them.
THEN, I found some cute new shoes that were majorly on sale! How could I pass them up? By the way, my neighbors must think I'm crazy. Here I am trying to get the best light for the photo and putting my foot up on the entrance table to our house. Right in front of our house. I know they've seen me taking photos with my paper Queen crowns on too.
I've been working on my new shop a LOT! Here's another item that will be in my little paper home shop. I LOVE these! They are repurposed tea cups that I have turned into birdfeeders or planters. I will have them up in my shop tomorrow! I may keep this one though. I really love it!
They would also be perfect for a little herb plant! Hang them in your kitchen! I know I'm going to do that!So please! Check out my new shop tomorrow. I hope to have them up around 4 pm Pacific time. Each one is unique! So, if you see one you like grab it before its gone!

Don't forget to vote where my girlfriends and I should go for our 30th birthdays in 4 years! We want to know what you think!



new creations

I've made some new creations for my new shop I will be opening soon. Check them out. They are wood blocks that have been carved and painted.So, stay tuned for my new shop! In the mean time check out my paper shop!



Free UWIB Ad Spot giveaway ends soon

The free Ad Spot giveaway on the UWIB blog is ending on February 28th! Check it out! You can't beat free advertising!



New items in my shop...

I've posted 9 new recycled paper greeting cards in my shop. They feature original artwork and silly humor by me!
Check them out!



Front Page

My I Heart U card made it to the Etsy front page. Yay! U gotta love the advertising!

I Heart U Crown Card by, Paper Lady Invites



The Dreaded Name Change

Ugh... I really need to change my name (I did get married in August). I've been dreading the process.
License Plate Belt Buckle by, Randi Tan

There is a fee for getting married ($60 in Oregon). Plus paying the officiant to marry you ($200). And, you would think a free license comes with the whole getting married thing. Nope. They give you a fake wedding license.Love Me Do Magnet Board by, Polarity

To get the real license you have to order online or go in person to pick them up. So, I thought I'll order them through the mail. NO. Its a ripoff. Your first license is $32.50 plus a $12.50 processing fee. Never mind that! I'm going in person. So, that's $20 a license with no processing fee ($15 for each additional).
License Plate Bird Feeder by, Crafty Guys

Now, I have to figure out how many I need. Our bank needs one, my other bank needs one, social security needs one, the DMV needs one... Who else? I can't think.
Mini Heart Cooper with Custom License Plate by, CB78

We're almost at our 6 month mark... Hee! Wow, in September it will be our 7th year together. Looking back, who would have thought that I would marry the guy I met at the Dave Mathews Concert in the Gorge? Awww memories...
I Heart U Crown Card by, Paper Lady Invites

My Wedding by, Craig Mitchelldyer Photography



Monster Swap

I just wanted to share the cute Monster I received from the Monster Swap on swap bot. Its sooo cute!
His name is Harry D. Yeti. He was made by Bitty Cakes.

He has a little backpack that came with a little ball of yarn and tiny knitting needles.
Here's the monster I made for this swap and his story:
"This is the Sweater Monster.
A Sweater Monster will appear when your husband shrinks your favorite sweater.
If you are not careful the Sweater Monster will get to your husband, confuse him,
and cause your husband to shrink another one of your favorite sweaters.
The only way to stop the creation of more Sweater Monsters is to hide your favorite
sweaters from your husband.

I've also been working hard on restructuring my shop and blog. Here's a song that inspires a lot of creativity. I love it!


Guerrilla Knitting

Have any of you heard of this?
I think it is so neat! Basically, knitters are leaving their marks throughout the world through knitted creations!
This reminds me of a Portland (Oregon) artist that tied little plastic horses to the old horse rings throughout Portland! I still see them around! The Horse Project.
Does your city have any neat public art displays? Please share! Blog about it and let me know!

And, now I leave you with something way cute! Oh man! You NEED to watch!


Happy Groundhog Day

Looks like six more weeks of winter.

Groundhog Email Card by, Spread the Love

Groundhog Hair Print by, Amber Alexander



Hippo Birfday 2 Ewe!

Happy Birthday toooooooooo Me!

So, there was some silly game on my birthday. The Soup per bowl? Anywho, that doesn't matter. What matters is that I'm getting older. I didn't get my ID checked today!!! Do I look that old? I've had solicitors come to my front door and ask if my parents were home. I say, "No, they're not here. They're at their homes. This is my home."

Ode to Sixteen Candles by, Elloh

Little Birthday Birdie by, Sugar Elf

Happy Birthday Two Ewe Card by, Jill Hannah