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html . tattoos

i have a love for tattoos. i even have a couple
myself (with a plan for more in the future). i
stumbled across some fun html tattoos in google.
{tattoo photos are from: cmd shift design blog,


etsy . warm finds

i've just made a treasury and i wanted to share
it here with all of you. treasuries are only up
for so long, and i think these sellers
should be shown off here as well!
{in this treasury: CoquelicotSalon, MIXKO, retrofied,
PollyDanger, BlissCandies, NuxieMade, corrieberrypie,
sarahjanestudios, DuBuhDuDesigns, sweetpe
littlestflower, TimelessVixenVin

all of these items are amazing, but I really
wanted to detail a couple of shops

I love these gloves from Coquelicot Salon. I
definitely need a pair before it gets too cold outside!

these art dolls from Du Buh Du Designs are amazing.
so talented. and of course, the artist is a fellow
Oregonian. i have to love that!

oh my goodness. how good do these look? everything in
this shop looks absolutely delicious! perfect gift for the
holidays for that someone special, or a gift for yourself!
check out Bliss Candies.


zucchini bread . recipe time

I made zucchini bread today! I've tweaked
and played with this recipe quite a bit.
I'm finally happy with it. Its low sugar and low oil.
Not super sweet, but sugar can be added.

{what I found when typing "zucchini" into Etsy's search...}
{etsy art by lindsayart, atelierBB, karenssoaps}


Etsy Finds : Baby Mobiles

Etsy Finds : Baby Mobiles
They are all so sweet. I'd be happy with any
and all of them! Even for my home,
not just for baby!

{etsy finds from left to right, top to bottom: decora, yummyink,
bluedogrose, madeleinesargent, leptitpapillon, yummyink, and SaltyandSweet}


New cards coming soon....

new artwork = new cards
Look for them in my shop next week.

These are my Peekaboo Girls. They will come in
sets and singles. Fun original cards.


© All artwork images are copyright of Paper Lady Invites LLC


Handmade Baby Gifts

I love purchasing handmade items. It supports
small businesses and you get unique one of a kind items.
This is why I like Etsy. I know of course that there is
no way I can get ALL of my baby supplies handmade, but
I can ask friends and family to buy my gifts handmade and
try to get as much as I can through Etsy.

A few handmade toys from Etsy...

These are such fun toys. Some teethers, bowling
sets, and crayons. They even have some cute
artwork. I definitely love this shop! AND, its in my
town. Yay Portland! Find these at: Kitty BB Love

The cutest little baby rattle/teethers. They are
made of wool and wood. Find these
at: The Scarlet Wood

Felt food toys for children of all ages. They are so
sweet! Check them out at: Mud Pie Kids