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Baby Growth

This will be a continually updated blog post to watch my baby grow! Due to some complications, I've already had quite a few ultrasounds. So, here they are and check back for more! Eventually I plan to get a 3D ultrasound.

6 weeks:
Just a tiny little peanut.

Week 9:
Tiny little alien at this point.
Week 11:

Starting to look a little more human.She was jumping all over the place.

Week 12:
Nice profile of the baby with a little nose!A nice look at her hand.Another 12 week view.

Week 15:
This is a view of the face, sort of looks like a skeleton in the ultrasound.
Week 20:

Profile of her face, you can see her fingers above her head. Little baby nose.
The bottom of her feet.

Week 28:
3D ultrasound of sweet baby at 28 weeks.

front view!