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Monday's My Pick: My camera is on the way!

Monday's My Pick: This cool vintage camera bag from: Round Trip! Check them out for all your vintage luggage needs.

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Thursday's Three: I want a new camera

{Ruari 8 months old}

I want to get a new camera. BAD! There are so many cameras to choose from. My Paper Mama's Thursday's Three is all about what camera I should get... That inspired my Paper Lady's Thursdays Three.

Thursday's Three: Camera

1} Camera rubber stamp from My Rubber Stamp.

2} Vintage still life print from: Bright Side Photos.

3} Houndstooth camera strap from: Howard Avenue

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Monday's My Pick: My 2nd wedding anniversary

{Getting married}

Monday's My Pick: This anniversary card is just too cute! I love it. Please check out Ink and Iron for more totally awesome card creations!

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Thursday's Three: Growth

This weeks Thursday's Three was inspired by the change and growth my group of girlfriends and I have gone through. We've all known each other for years now. I didn't think it was even possible, but I enjoy and care for my girlfriends more and more with each passing year.

We've all been through a lot together: Friends passing, silly fights, miscarriages, my little birth incident, and MUCH more. I feel like we have grown even closer with all of us getting married and having babies and buying houses... doing big girl stuff!

1) This BEAUTIFUL flower is the perfect image of growth. I love the petals spraying out of it's center. SO lovely. Please visit the VERY talented and lovely Christy at Skinned Knees on Etsy. And, please check out her blog.

2) I love this silk screened art work. The Growing Human Heart. This artist also prints artwork on pillows. I love it. Please check out Utilitarian Franchise!

3) This grow sign is cut out of recycled plywood. Put over a baby's crib, over your piggy bank, in your garden... Please check out WKD Studios for more goodies. There's even a nerd word! :)

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Don't win this please.

Cause I want to! Bwa ha ha ha ha.

Don't go here to try and win a hat. :D

Monday's My Pick: Kiss

Inspired by miss Kamilah, this weeks Monday's My Pick is: Kiss.

{Ruari and Kamilah}
Gothic Kiss Lipstick embroidered wall plaque. I'm really loving all those embroidered creations on Etsy right now. They're so fun and creative! I love these lips. Check out the Sam Gibson shop for more goodies!

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Thursday's Three: From my favorites...

This weeks Thursday's Three are from my list of favorites. I've been saving them to share, but just haven't done it yet. Here they are:

{Ruari 7.5 Months}

My first fave is: This AWESOME wig! It's so amazing! Please check it out!

My second fave: This Sundry Necklace from Corie Berrie Pie. I LOVE all her stuff. Right now I REALLy want this necklace. Check out the shop!

My third fave right now: This Braided Rhinestone hair band is lovely. I would love to wear this. Please check out this shop for more hair goodies. TONS of stuff for for your wedding hair.

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Monday's My Pick: Pink Donut

Monday's My Pick is inspired by the pink Donut that I REALLY enjoyed yesterday.
Look at these cute little donut soaps! How cute are they? Perfect little gift. Please visit KC Soaps n More for some more REALLY cute soaps. Seriously!

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I want.

So, I was just looking at my boring unmatched dinnerware and decided I wanted to go check out some different dinnerware sets. I fell in love with this set from CSN:

If only I could convince Mike that we need them. :D And, while I'm at it I might as well get a new dining table. This ones great.

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Monday's My Pick: Best Buds.

I made the top 20at Made by Heidi. :) I can't tell you which project is mine, but go ahead and pick your favorite!


Monday's My Pick: Best Friends...

This weeks pick is this sweet little ring from Scape on Etsy. Get one for yourself and one for your best bud! These rings are handcrafted and made to order! Please please check out their shop!

{Heart Ring: Scape}

{Baby, Ruari at 7.5 months, and Coral almost 5 months?}

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