Please excuse the mess... I am currently rearranging my blog. :)


This mama has officially moved!

I have been neglecting this poor blog for quite some time now. You see... when I had my baby 19 months ago I didn't feel like the Paper Lady anymore... no... I'm The Paper Mama. SO... I'm making it official. I have moved. I live/love/blog over at The Paper Mama. I hope all my readers from WAY back when... plan to follow me. :D It's so much cooler over there anyway. :D


I like this:

I spent the evening with my favorite girlfriends, and I could help but admire these awesome counter stools my friend Kels had! They were vintage and awesome!!!

I often wander and look around Craigslist HOPING to find something as cool as what she has... but, no luck yet. I did find these though:

So awesome. I actually used this stool in a layout I did in school (for interior design). That was about 6 years ago... I still love them. Check out CSN to find some cool stools for yourself!


Dining chair finds.

I'm sorta addicted to dining chairs. I know. That sounds crazy! BUT, I don't like my dining chairs to match. Every one of them are different. I like it. So, this means I'm always browsing online for a couple more chairs to add to my collection. I really need a couple more. It would be nice for the holidays. Here are a couple of my fave's:

I have been eyeing this Kartell Louis Ghost Chair on CSN for a while now. I LOVE that it comes in a kids size too. Ruari needs one.

I LOVE this whitewashed chair I found on Etsy. Etsy is a WONDERFUL place to find vintage/updated furniture. It's green. :) This chair is from: D.I.G.S.

This chair is lovely. The fabric on it is so fun! And, I love that it's painted black. You can find this chair at: Rubbish Rehab.