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Thursdays Three...

My three favorites of the week!

I LOVE everything about the Etsy shop: PearsonMaron.

2 ...
Another Etsy shop: Creative Thursday. Love the art work! I want it all!

3 ...
Well, of course another Etsy shop: The Pudding Store!

I really hope you enjoy these shops as much as I do! Check them out!


Also, don't forget to enter Wednesdays giveaway!


What What Wednesday? Giveaway...

Yeah, I couldn't come up with an awesome giveaway name. BUT, I find myself saying What What often, and so now my weekly giveaways are called What What Wednesday? SOOOO, this weeks giveaway is from... Me!

This week enter to win What What Wednesdays: Peace and Joy Paper Penguin Ornaments from Paper Lady Invites!

How to win:

-Give me a link to your FAVORITE Etsy shop in a comment to this blog entry. Etsy is so large, I'm sure there are so many shops I haven't seen (Please give me your email, unless you already have it on your blog. Can't win if I can't get a hold of you!)! That's it! Unless...

Want more entries for this giveaway?

-For one more entry: Go to my shop and tell me what your favorite item from my shop is in a comment in this blog entry.
-For one more entry: Start to follow me on twitter (check my twitter button on the right, then come back here and tell me you did).
-For two more entries: Post a blog entry on your blog about this giveaway (complete with a photo and links, come back here with a link to your blog post).


Good Luck!


If you'd like to donate an item to the next giveaway please convo me at my shop, or email me!


Christmas Exchange Ornament

So, I am a part of a Blogger Ornament Exchange. AND, I am crazy and I've already made and sent out my ornament (not due until Nov. 20th). I had so much fun making it. I thought I should blog about it now because I know I will be really busy in November!

So, the lovely blogger I have does not know I have them (and I don't think this person reads my blog). I'm not too worried they'll figure out this is their ornament!

Basically I read up on their blogs and found out some things about them. The main penguin is my gift exchange person, while the two smaller ones are their kids. The heart represents any other important people in their lives!

This ornament is titled, "Paper Flying Penguins".

I hope this person will love it! Please check out my shop in the next week or two. I will finally be posting the many holiday items I have been making!

Earlier this evening I was reading Stella Birds Blog and her recent post totally reminded me of myself! It was funny.

I pretty much always wear the same sweatshirt while I work. I actually thought about it earlier today when I realized that I've been to the Postal Annex 3 times in the past 5 days and I wore the same sweatshirt and shoes with some jeans. By the 3rd day, I thought the lady working at the Postal Annex gave me a look like, "Hmmm, she should probably wash that!" Which I did, but I just love it!

Also, Stella Bird also wrote about a song she listens to over and over again (Noah and The Whale- 5 years time, which I LOVE too). I too have a song I listen to over and over again that I dance to in my chair (and sing to my kitties and dog).

Santogold L.E.S. Artistes. I love it! I'd love to see her sometime, but she's only performing on the East Coast.

Is there a song you LOVE to listen to while you work?


By the way: I know I was supposed to post my giveaway today, but for some reason my body decided to sleep in till noon (never happens). SO, I didn't post it. I will tomorrow! Please check it out!

Christopher and Tia's Monday Suck Day Giveaway

Please check out Christopher and Tia's Monday Suck-Day Giveaway. I love it! This week is a giveaway from Tiny Fig (awesome shop)!



How do you package your purchase?

How do you package your sold items? Lately I have been ordering quite a bit from Etsy for the holidays. I LOVE everything I've received. There's just one thing I've noticed with a lot of my purchases: There's no interesting packaging.
Items that I think should be in every order:

-Business card ... if the buyer LOVES their order (like I always do) then they may want to pass the card on to another interested buyer!

-Thank you note ... this will only take a minute to do, and I love a personal note when I purchase something. What better way to say thank you? Your product is handmade and this will add a personal touch!

-Cute packaging ... use old magazines and books to spruce up the look of an old boring box or package! I also like to draw on my packaging.

-Include instructions ... this isn't always necessary for every item sold, but some things DO need instructions. I did receive an item that I really needed instructions for, but they were not included. I figured it out, but I was worried I might destroy my purchase!

-Encourage recycling ... well, you don't have to do this, but I always leave a little note asking the buyer to please recycle or reuse the packaging if they can!
-Maybe a free gift ... I think its fun to, on occasion, include a free gift with purchases. Its a nice surprise to receive my order, and find an awesome extra little treat!

That's about all I have to offer at the moment, but please feel free to include your little bits of advice in the comment section!


Some Etsy how-to holiday links. Great ideas!
How-to Holidays 1
How-to Holidays 2
How-to Holidays 3


FREE gift for the next 5 buyers!

For the holiday shopping season I'd like to offer the next 5 shoppers (until I reach 22 sales) at my Etsy shop a free little gift!

This is a cute little Baby Paper Bird Ornament. Its so cute! Its about 2 inches long, and each bird will be different! Check out my shop!



Custom Paper Bird Order...

I just recently had a custom Paper Bird order. These were ordered to go in a little baby girls room. I matched them to her existing bedding. They were so much fun to make and I'm so happy with how they came out! Check them out! And, if you'd like me to create a custom order for you, please send me a conversation at my store! I LOVE custom orders!



And the winner is....

Swtlilchick! Congrats! You won!

Thanks to EVERYONE that participated. Please, check back next week for my next giveaway. Its a good one!

Hello everyone! I've decided to have a Halloween giveaway with my Paper Halloween Crown that I made. Its getting closer to the 31st and I want to make sure someone gets to enjoy this awesome crown this Halloween ($16 value)!

Want to know how to win? Okay, I'll tell you!

- Visit my shop: Paper Lady Invites and choose an item you really like, and you think I need to make more variety of for my shop! (I love to have outside input!).
- Come back to my blog and post a comment here telling me which item you like and if you think I need to make more of it!
- Please make sure to post your name and e-mail address (I need these to get a hold of you).
- I will accept all complete comments that are posted by 11:59 pm, pacific time, on 10/24.
-Do you want an extra TWO more entries? Blog about this contest, complete with pictures and links, on your own blog! Then, come back here and comment with a link to your blog entry (this is necessary so I know you blogged about it!).
(Thanks to Christopher and Tia for the extra entry contest idea)

Ok, have fun!

(If YOU are interested in sponsoring a future giveaway, please email me or convo me at my shop!)


Steampunk Ring Giveaway...

Of course, I don't want to share this information with anyone, but I get more entries if I do! Hee hee....
So, Please check out this giveaway from Steam Powered Rings. Its an awesome giveaway! And, while your at their blog, don't forget to read some of their other postings. Very entertaining!



Free Custom Blog Design Giveaway...

Check out this free custom blog design giveaway from Sugar Lips Design Studio!

Its an awesome giveaway!



Check this out...

There's a neat giveaway from Diane Knott's Musings! Check it out!



Wonderful Blog Contest...

Love contests? Then check out Christpher and Tia's Monday's Suck Day. Every Monday they have a fabulous giveaway. Simple to enter, with wonderful prizes from lovely Etsy sellers!

This weeks giveaway is from Susan Estelle Kwas and Daisy Cakes Soap. Wonderful art from Susan and I'm sure wonderful smelling soaps and other good smelling stuff from Daisy. Please check out this contest from Christopher and Tia!


I've got a contest that will be posted tomorrow (10/21 and ends 10/24: Only 3 days!)... Come check it out!


Tag I'm It!

Necklace is from Editions

Thank you to Cards, Collage, and Altered Art by Patzee for Tagging me!

Playing tag is a great way to explore all the other blogs out there. The rules of the game are simple:

*Link to your tagger and list these rules on your blog.
*Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
*Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blog.
*Don't forget to let them know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

About me:
1. I went to school for interior design.
2. I'm from and live in Portland, Oregon. But, I lived in Seattle for 4 years. I loved it, but my heart belongs in Portland.
3. I just got married in Portland on the terrace of the Ecotrust building. It was beautiful.
4. My husband and I dated 6 years before we got married. Four of those six years were long distance.
5. Chocolate. I LOVE chocolate. Its an addiction of mine. Chocolate.
6. We bought our first house one year ago. Its tiny, cute, and we love fixing it up!
7. I've been scrapbooking for years! During school I was scrapbooking about 2 pages a day. I couldn't stop! After school I started creating other things with paper and realized how much I loved it! Now, I spend my days sketching and coming up with new ways to mess with paper. Its been fun!

So, I've chosen the following bloggers, that I enjoy, to play the game. If you've already been tagged, I'm sorry!

1. Always Amy
2. Christopher and Tia
3. Magnificent Obsession
4. A Stitch to Wear
5. Aroma Fields Candles & Bath
6. Paper Girl Productions
7. Inside a Black Apple



Been busy

I haven't blogged for a couple of days. Too busy!

I have new items in my Etsy store. I've made a couple of really cute necklaces! Please check them out!



I created a new treasury on Etsy...

I've created a new treasury. I love to put treasuries together that have something to do with paper. There are so many ways paper can be used! Check it out!


stores I've featured: stellagirl, oiseaux, autumntomay, katkoot, acwood, mixbaby, sweettweelab, elsita, AisforArtistic, ExquisiteImage, erinzam, papermoth


Paper Lady Wreath

New product at my shop! I've made a paper wreath out of old wrapping paper! Great to decorate your home during the holidays! Put it in the house, or on an outside door that is protected from the rain (it has a waterproof coating on it, but it should still stay out of direct rain).


Check out this awesome contest...

Photoshop elements 7 giveaway

Countdown to Christmas

New Item in my shop! An advent calendar! Its a perfect way to countdown to Christmas!
I like to countdown to Christmas by putting project ideas and suggestions in each slot. That way, each day you and your family can do something for the holiday! How about volunteer work? Or, make an ornament? Plan the projects and ideas together and place in each slot!

OR, just put some chocolate in each slot! Can't go wrong with chocolate!

Check it out in my Etsy shop!



My Little Boogins...

Today's blog is about my furry son, Angus! He is a long-haired chihuahua.

These photos were taken on my wedding day. He was our ring bearer! We have quite a few photos of him on this day because the photographer loved him! He said usually little dogs annoy him, but Angus is so laid back, everyone loves him! He converts everyone!
In fact, Angus is sleeping in my sweatshirt as I type this right now (he is sooooo spoiled)! He loves to cuddle.

Here he is lounging on the hotel bed with my wedding band. Doing his job as ring-bearer. Since my brain was so flighty that day, we forgot to get a photo of him in his ring bearer outfit! He has a bow tie and a tiny pillow that went on his back. So sweet! I love him.

Eventually we would love to have him work as a therapy dog for seniors. Therapy dogs visit hospitals and senior homes to lift spirits. We're working on getting him used to wheel chairs and working on his manners before that happens. But, he is sweet and will do an amazing job!

Here are some ways I'd like to spoil my son:


Also, I've noticed that another blog I follow also did a blog about her chihuahua! Funny coincidence! TheresaJ

Photos are from: Craig Mitchelldyer Photography, Annies Sweatshop, likekittysville,



Uh oh...I'm dreaming about Etsy!

Oh no! I just had a full night of dreaming of Etsy! The dream was mostly about my shop on Etsy. But, there was a girl in my dream COVERED in items from Etsy. She was carrying a purse from DrikaB (one of my favorite Etsy stores), wearing a mustache t-shirt, handmade ribbons in her hair, multiple necklaces, many earrings, and rings all over her fingers! She told me she got all of it from Etsy, and I was like, "I love Etsy!".

Owl and Flora Dream Pillow

Sweet Dreams Print

Dream Big Cuff


Beautiful apple...

I made my oatmeal with breakfast and decided that I would like to have an apple too. So, I pulled this apple out of the fruit basket. I thought it was so beautiful I needed to take a photo of it. Here it is:

I think it is so beautiful! AND, it was delicious!
Items from Etsy that remind me of this tasty apple!

photos are from: jaquelineknits, jenerijewelry, and marieflyfly