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Christmas Exchange Ornament

So, I am a part of a Blogger Ornament Exchange. AND, I am crazy and I've already made and sent out my ornament (not due until Nov. 20th). I had so much fun making it. I thought I should blog about it now because I know I will be really busy in November!

So, the lovely blogger I have does not know I have them (and I don't think this person reads my blog). I'm not too worried they'll figure out this is their ornament!

Basically I read up on their blogs and found out some things about them. The main penguin is my gift exchange person, while the two smaller ones are their kids. The heart represents any other important people in their lives!

This ornament is titled, "Paper Flying Penguins".

I hope this person will love it! Please check out my shop in the next week or two. I will finally be posting the many holiday items I have been making!

Earlier this evening I was reading Stella Birds Blog and her recent post totally reminded me of myself! It was funny.

I pretty much always wear the same sweatshirt while I work. I actually thought about it earlier today when I realized that I've been to the Postal Annex 3 times in the past 5 days and I wore the same sweatshirt and shoes with some jeans. By the 3rd day, I thought the lady working at the Postal Annex gave me a look like, "Hmmm, she should probably wash that!" Which I did, but I just love it!

Also, Stella Bird also wrote about a song she listens to over and over again (Noah and The Whale- 5 years time, which I LOVE too). I too have a song I listen to over and over again that I dance to in my chair (and sing to my kitties and dog).

Santogold L.E.S. Artistes. I love it! I'd love to see her sometime, but she's only performing on the East Coast.

Is there a song you LOVE to listen to while you work?


By the way: I know I was supposed to post my giveaway today, but for some reason my body decided to sleep in till noon (never happens). SO, I didn't post it. I will tomorrow! Please check it out!


  1. I am such a slacker! I haven't even started sketching mine yet!

  2. Hi twin!! haha! us and our everyday sweaters and repetitive music, how do people put up with us?
    I LOVE santogold, great song.

  3. i hope it was me that got you in the exchange lol

    i actually am starting to listen to bible studies all day back to back again:) you can hear them on


    i wear ugly vneck shirts because i tend to wipe my brush on my clothes. i need to start wearing my apron again lol

  4. How cute!!!You did a wonderful job!

  5. I love those birds! Are you going to sell similar ornaments?
    Also, I found the steampunk ring giveaway through here! Good luck!

    Lately, I've been listening to the Grease and The Happiest Millionaire soundtracks on vinyl while I work...

    Cool song.

  6. You ornaments are sooo cute, you were very much an early bird in the exchange. :)