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My Little Boogins...

Today's blog is about my furry son, Angus! He is a long-haired chihuahua.

These photos were taken on my wedding day. He was our ring bearer! We have quite a few photos of him on this day because the photographer loved him! He said usually little dogs annoy him, but Angus is so laid back, everyone loves him! He converts everyone!
In fact, Angus is sleeping in my sweatshirt as I type this right now (he is sooooo spoiled)! He loves to cuddle.

Here he is lounging on the hotel bed with my wedding band. Doing his job as ring-bearer. Since my brain was so flighty that day, we forgot to get a photo of him in his ring bearer outfit! He has a bow tie and a tiny pillow that went on his back. So sweet! I love him.

Eventually we would love to have him work as a therapy dog for seniors. Therapy dogs visit hospitals and senior homes to lift spirits. We're working on getting him used to wheel chairs and working on his manners before that happens. But, he is sweet and will do an amazing job!

Here are some ways I'd like to spoil my son:


Also, I've noticed that another blog I follow also did a blog about her chihuahua! Funny coincidence! TheresaJ

Photos are from: Craig Mitchelldyer Photography, Annies Sweatshop, likekittysville,



  1. OK...he is definitely a cute little dog! I didn't even know that long-haird chihuahuas existed!

  2. i love chihuahuas, your dog is adorable!

  3. Ahh, thank for the mention. So nice of you.

    Your little guy is adorable!!! And I love that he was the ringbearer in your wedding. That's just priceless!

    Great doggie goodie picks too!

  4. That is great that you are thinking of trying therapy dog work. . . it is very important to nursing home & hospital patients to get visits from a furbaby. Check out Therapy Dogs International or Delta Group for a tester & group in your area to get the best start. Good luck from our Therapy Dog Pit Bulls.