Please excuse the mess... I am currently rearranging my blog. :)


My holiday banners!

I have made some holiday banners to sell on my Etsy site. I am really happy with them. I'm tempted to keep them for myself.

Please check them out, I'm happy with them.



My favorite wedding gift...

I'd like to share the wedding gift that my sister gave me for my wedding. It is called a Devout Doll, by Devout Dolls.

It is a custom doll that is a combination of my sister and myself! I'm the blonde one!

I actually own that white dress! She got it exactly right! And, I always wear red shoes!
She even got our tattoos right! She hand painted all the tattoos and facial features by hand from photos she received from my sister.

These two photos show my shoulder tattoo and our faces! The tattoo is exact!

This photo is of my foot tattoo and my sisters ankle tattoo.

Please, check out her store! She has MANY different things to look at. AND, I've also just realized she has an Etsy shop! I love this doll!



My new shoes...

This has nothing to do with paper or crafts but I have a new pair of shoes that I love. I got them from

Here they are:

They are by Steve Madden. His shoes are always comfy! I need to find an excuse to wear these, I'm so excited!


New items in my shop...

Please check out my Etsy shop, I have new items up!



Spotlight on an Etsy artist from my favorites...

I'd like to spotlight one of my favorite Etsy sellers:

Bunny has been a seller on Etsy since 2006. I love her work. She does a lot of work in photoshop, paints, draws, and sews. Have you ever wanted to be a fairy, vampire, or zombie? Or do you just want a photo touched up? Bunny can do this!

I am a satisfied customer. I ordered the pet photo manipulation, and it turned out wonderful (as shown below). It was a wedding gift for my friend. It was her favorite gift!

In addition to photo manipulation, Bunny is a wonderful artist! I love her artwork. Beautiful cards and original work.

She also decorates shoes. She does so much!

So, please check out her shop. You wont be disappointed!



Wonderful Etsy Artists

I purchased many things from Etsy before my wedding. Here are a few of the different things I purchased and enjoyed:

Scallop Wrap from A Stitch to Wear:

I brought this wrap to Santorini, Greece with me. It was so nice to have when it got a little breezy! I loved it!

Candyland Eyemask from ity-bity Bags:

This was a lifesaver on the plane rides and ferry rides. Our total travel time to Greece was 24 hours. Back was 26. Man! I LOVE this mask! So comfy!

A travel pillow pillow from SynetCreations:

This too was a lifesaver. I drooled all over this thing!

My kimono wrap from Ahpeele:

I wore this every morning with our beautiful view of the Caldera in Greece. I'd sit there drink my tea, watch the donkey's go by, and see all the amazing ships down in the water.

My wristlet purse from DrikaB:

I attached the wrist part of this purse to a strap and wore this over my shoulder on our whole trip (As shown in my EXTREMELY touristy photo). It was compact, durable, and held a lot! Wonderful buy!

Last, but not least, my beautiful vintage glass bead earrings from MISSFICKLEMEDIA:

I wore these on my wedding day. They were the perfect addition to my wedding outfit.

I really just wanted to thank these artists, because I really enjoyed ALL of these items. Thank you!!!



World Card Making Day

The first Saturday of every October is World Card Making Day. October 4th is the date this year. This is the perfect time to kick off your holiday card creating!

Check out this website to get some ideas of what you can do with this day:
World Card Making Day

I'll be posting some cards I'm making for my friends throughout the next couple of weeks!


This card is for sale on my Etsy.


New Etsy Treasury

I love to make treasuries on Etsy. Please check out my latest treasury:
Don't Call Me Shirley

It will only be up for a couple days.


Weddings over, now I'm back!

Its been a crazy year. We bought a house, got married, went on a wonderful honeymoon to Greece, and I'm starting up my business. Now that all that over stuff is done or in order I can focus more on that last thing, my business. One thing I'd like to keep up on is my Blog. I love to blog, but have not had time. Please check back often, as I plan to add to this everyday!

I want to thank Mellisa with Relish Bridal for including my bridal hat in her wedding blog. Please check it out: Absolutely Gorgeous

Thank you,


View from our hotel in Santorini, Greece!

My new hubby and I. We are REALLY high up. We did some hiking to go see the amazing ruins in Santorini!