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My favorite wedding gift...

I'd like to share the wedding gift that my sister gave me for my wedding. It is called a Devout Doll, by Devout Dolls.

It is a custom doll that is a combination of my sister and myself! I'm the blonde one!

I actually own that white dress! She got it exactly right! And, I always wear red shoes!
She even got our tattoos right! She hand painted all the tattoos and facial features by hand from photos she received from my sister.

These two photos show my shoulder tattoo and our faces! The tattoo is exact!

This photo is of my foot tattoo and my sisters ankle tattoo.

Please, check out her store! She has MANY different things to look at. AND, I've also just realized she has an Etsy shop! I love this doll!



  1. o my gosh im so jealous ! thanks for sharing i lo----------ve it!

  2. That is amazing! What time that must have taken!!!
    -10oneworld on etsy

  3. Amazing! Not only that, but what a sweet and special gift!

  4. That is cute and very unique!

  5. What a wonderfully thoughtful gift and fabulous piece of art!!! I absolutely love it! It's so unique and so special. Geez, I just can't say enough. Thanks for sharing!