Please excuse the mess... I am currently rearranging my blog. :)


Well, She's Here!

Wow, what a journey. I am just now getting some sort
of order in my life! I really missed my blog, and am so
happy to be back!

My baby was born WAY back on December 18th, 2009.
She is about to be 15 weeks old!

She was just over 3 weeks early. Her birth did not go the
way I had planned. Maybe I'll tell the story later. So, long story short
I was bleeding internally and the doc's had to get baby out.
The wonderful news is that baby was NEVER in any distress
and I made it and am doing very well.

Now that I am healing emotionally and physically I am ready to
get back to my creative side. I'm so excited to catch up on
everyone's blogs! See you soon!

{photography by, Craig Mitchelldyer}