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Stop the Junk Mail!

Oh, I'm in heaven! I've found the answer to a very frustrating question I've always had: How do I stop all the junk mail?
Yes! So, Tonic Mail Stopper (formerly Green Dimes) will do all the work for you for a very tiny price! $20/year.Birds on Branches Vintage Suitcase by, Round Trip
Its said they can stop 90% of your junk mail in 90 days. I hate how much wasted paper I get in the mail everyday. I just recycle it over and over and over...
What do you get? You get to choose which catalogs you'd like to receive (I love my Anthropologie catalog) and which ones you don't. It will keep unsolicited personalized mail out of your mailbox to prevent identity theft. They will only use your personal information to remove you from mailing lists. And, it helps the environment!
Not only will you be helping to lower the billions of pounds of paper wasted and thrown away, but they will also plant 5 trees for each member through one of their 3 tree-planting partners when you sign up! How could you not love that?
So, I'm off to sign up. How about you?



Thursdays Three . Building My Creative Space and My Business

I have recently decided (as in this week) that I cannot be as successful in my business as I want to without a proper creative space.My Dream Studio
Now, my house is tiny (950 sq. feet) and has NO closets (Built in 1920). Basically our second bedroom is currently being used as our closet/office. I want to turn our closet office into my studio. I need to figure out what to do with my clothes... Hmmm... And my shoes... Oh yeah, and my hubby's clothes...
My Dream Studio
Next: I need to find more ways to get my business out there. Flea markets, approaching shops to carry my products.

I would love any feedback or advice any of you business people have! AND, I'd love to see your studio space! Email me a photo and I might post it in my blog thanks for your advice everyone!



Thursdays Three (and a few more) . Vintage Birds

I love to add vintage touches to my home. And, I LOVE birds. This weeks Thursday's Three is all about the vintage bird section on Etsy. There are so many vintage bird items that I could not include, so please check out the vintage section for yourself!
I REALLY would love to have this one. It would look amazing in my yard. Now, I just need to figure out how to afford it...




My sister's boyfriend, Mike, lost his brother to an accident this past Easter weekend.Melancholy Monster by, Melissa Sue

I am so so sad and upset that I cannot afford to get to New Zealand (where he is from and they are both living) to be with them.
Mike is like a brother to me and I cannot imagine how horrible it feels to lose your brother. I do not know how I would handle losing my brother (or sister) and do not ever EVER want to experience it. My heart hurts.
Please send your positive good thoughts to Mike and his family. Thanks everyone.
To Mike and Nicole: I am so sad for you and I miss and love you two.



Thursday's Three (plus a couple more): Bride Time!

Its wedding season! I've had quite a few custom bridal crown orders in the past couple of weeks! This weeks Thursday's Three (plus a couple more) is all about custom wedding items! Including one of my bridal crowns!

Have you ordered your custom bridal crown yet? Check out my most recent custom crowns I've made and sent out to some wonderful brides:
I still have more to make and love it!

I also played around with Photoshop today to see how much I'd like a new tattoo! Ha, its only been a year and I'm ready for a new one. It would match the one I have on my shoulder, but smaller and on my wrist. What do you think? Oh tattoos...
I call this photo, "Attitude"



Tax Time Get Down to Business! Please Vote!

A new voting category is up on Etsy and its time to vote! What do you need while filing your taxes? I need handpainted thumb tacks from Circles are Forever!
Please make your vote! Go to this link to vote for Circles are Forever or your favorite tax time accessory!

After you make your vote check out these other accessories that are not up for vote, but are super awesome too!

gTax Deduction Baby Onesie by, Fun2Wear2
Death and Taxes folded greeting card by, Up Up



Thursday's Three Cherry Blossom

This weeks Thursday's Three has been inspired by Curious Mess' Cherry Blossom Fabric Bowl. So pretty and unique!

I really love Cherry blossoms. I love them so much I even have a tattoo of cherry blossom branches. We have two huge cherry blossom trees in our front yard. They bloom massive bunches of cherry blossoms the first week of May. I can't wait!
Photography by Craig MitchelldyerPhotography by, Mike! Santorini, Greece