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Thursday's Three (plus a couple more): Bride Time!

Its wedding season! I've had quite a few custom bridal crown orders in the past couple of weeks! This weeks Thursday's Three (plus a couple more) is all about custom wedding items! Including one of my bridal crowns!

Have you ordered your custom bridal crown yet? Check out my most recent custom crowns I've made and sent out to some wonderful brides:
I still have more to make and love it!

I also played around with Photoshop today to see how much I'd like a new tattoo! Ha, its only been a year and I'm ready for a new one. It would match the one I have on my shoulder, but smaller and on my wrist. What do you think? Oh tattoos...
I call this photo, "Attitude"



  1. I think the tattoo would be gorgeous.

    By the way, I've given you an award on my blog. Enjoy! :)

  2. Love, LOVE wrist tattoos...and I think that the floral would be so delicate and pretty....go for it...

  3. i love your head gear.

  4. Hi Chelsey!
    Thanks for including me on your blog!
    Makool Loves You