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Thursdays Three (and a few more) . Vintage Birds

I love to add vintage touches to my home. And, I LOVE birds. This weeks Thursday's Three is all about the vintage bird section on Etsy. There are so many vintage bird items that I could not include, so please check out the vintage section for yourself!
I REALLY would love to have this one. It would look amazing in my yard. Now, I just need to figure out how to afford it...



  1. What a wonderful collection of birds--from some of my favorite vintage stores too! Thanks so much for including my planter!

  2. fabulous...and super springy....

  3. Thanks of featuring Hello Victory! Your blog is lovely!

  4. You have such good taste. I oohed, I awed, and wished I had more space to decorate. You seriously can't go wrong with vintage birds.

  5. I am swoooning over that bird cage!