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Thursdays Three . Building My Creative Space and My Business

I have recently decided (as in this week) that I cannot be as successful in my business as I want to without a proper creative space.My Dream Studio
Now, my house is tiny (950 sq. feet) and has NO closets (Built in 1920). Basically our second bedroom is currently being used as our closet/office. I want to turn our closet office into my studio. I need to figure out what to do with my clothes... Hmmm... And my shoes... Oh yeah, and my hubby's clothes...
My Dream Studio
Next: I need to find more ways to get my business out there. Flea markets, approaching shops to carry my products.

I would love any feedback or advice any of you business people have! AND, I'd love to see your studio space! Email me a photo and I might post it in my blog thanks for your advice everyone!



  1. I wish I had enough room for a work space... I hear ya on the cramped living situation! We have 680 square feet in our condo... so my work space is in a cupboard... unless it's out on the living room coffee table!

    As far as getting your merch into stores... try contacting Seasons @ Presents of Mind on Hawthorne... Send her your web site and an email asking if you can come by to sell some wholesale stuff... or stop by Frock on Alberta... They have cute, funky stuff, too. One of the owners is usually in the store and they take wholesale, too! :)

    Tell them I sent you!... Call me sometime. :)

  2. Oh yea... Seasons email is

  3. Hello,
    I have a Kreativ Blog Award waiting for you on my blog!

  4. Our apt is about 850 square feet for 4 of us!... I feel your pain :) You could put your clothes on a retro looking rolling rack?