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Thursday's Three Cherry Blossom

This weeks Thursday's Three has been inspired by Curious Mess' Cherry Blossom Fabric Bowl. So pretty and unique!

I really love Cherry blossoms. I love them so much I even have a tattoo of cherry blossom branches. We have two huge cherry blossom trees in our front yard. They bloom massive bunches of cherry blossoms the first week of May. I can't wait!
Photography by Craig MitchelldyerPhotography by, Mike! Santorini, Greece



  1. Great pictures - thanks for sharing!

  2. Aww... look at your cute wedding pictures and your cute tattoos! I feel as though since we both live in Portland... and we're clearly both fabulous... we should be friends! :) Cute blog, too!! :)

  3. i love that bowl. you 2 are so--- cute.

  4. Yes, cherry blossoms are simply divine. Many people go to Japan to see them in full bloom. You have such lovely art works. They are simply gorgeous. Thanks for the post and for your comments on my feature of Kristen Stein and her art works. God bless you always.

  5. mmmmm.....cherry Blossoms = Spring....and love your tat....too pretty....

  6. What an awesome wedding photo!

    [day dreams]