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My sister's boyfriend, Mike, lost his brother to an accident this past Easter weekend.Melancholy Monster by, Melissa Sue

I am so so sad and upset that I cannot afford to get to New Zealand (where he is from and they are both living) to be with them.
Mike is like a brother to me and I cannot imagine how horrible it feels to lose your brother. I do not know how I would handle losing my brother (or sister) and do not ever EVER want to experience it. My heart hurts.
Please send your positive good thoughts to Mike and his family. Thanks everyone.
To Mike and Nicole: I am so sad for you and I miss and love you two.



  1. Aw thanks so much for including me and my heart truly goes out to you and your family, loss is always hard



  2. Prayers and Thoughts go you and yours...

    Sonia ;)

  3. so sorry to hear about your all are in my prayers.

  4. This is horrible, sorry for the loss. I'm sending many positive thoughts out to your family

  5. its so sad to hear :(

    my heart goes out to her and the Otackys are sent out, so watch for them in a few days :)