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Stop the Junk Mail!

Oh, I'm in heaven! I've found the answer to a very frustrating question I've always had: How do I stop all the junk mail?
Yes! So, Tonic Mail Stopper (formerly Green Dimes) will do all the work for you for a very tiny price! $20/year.Birds on Branches Vintage Suitcase by, Round Trip
Its said they can stop 90% of your junk mail in 90 days. I hate how much wasted paper I get in the mail everyday. I just recycle it over and over and over...
What do you get? You get to choose which catalogs you'd like to receive (I love my Anthropologie catalog) and which ones you don't. It will keep unsolicited personalized mail out of your mailbox to prevent identity theft. They will only use your personal information to remove you from mailing lists. And, it helps the environment!
Not only will you be helping to lower the billions of pounds of paper wasted and thrown away, but they will also plant 5 trees for each member through one of their 3 tree-planting partners when you sign up! How could you not love that?
So, I'm off to sign up. How about you?



  1. What a great idea! I always get nervous with those credit card applications that come.

  2. so need this....drives me crazy...but I do end up a lot of it for packing material thanks to my trusty shredder....

  3. I just wanted to say that I LOVE your blog :)

  4. Excellent! Do they take care of bills too?!

    (and LOVELY picks today!)