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Monday's My Pick ... Happy glass!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend! Mine was so so nice. These happy smiling glasses would have been perfect for the weekend! Please check out their shop for more happy glass!

{Smile glass ... WarauKoppu}

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{Ruari at 22 weeks}


Thursday's Three: My new grocery list

This weeks Thursday's Three is inspired by a shopping list I found in my purse... it looks a lot different than my pre-baby shopping list:

{My shopping list}

- Wine
- Diapers
- Butter
- Chicken
- Sugar
- Diaper Butt Cream
- Beer
- Milk Storage Bags
- Bread
- Lanolin

On to my Thursday's Three...

1) These bags are perfect! I hate using plastic bags at the grocery store. This would help solve my problem! So perfect! Mesh produce bags.... Just throw them in the wash!

{Mesh produce bags: daisydots}

2) This is a very cute grocery list from We've Got Paper. They have so many cute cute creations. Please check them out.

{Grocery list from ... We've Got Paper}

3) This is a neat and unique chalkboard wall decal. So cute! I want this! Please check out this shop for more goodies.

{Chalkboard wall decal from ... jolyonyates}

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{Ruari at 22 weeks}


Dear Paper Lady Blog...

{Neglected stairs print ... CareyPrimeau}

Dear Paper Lady Blog,

I'm so sorry I've neglected you! It's almost been a week... bad Chelsey! I'm just having so much fun on my Paper Mama blog I run out of time before I get to you! I try to be better. I still love you.

- Chelsey


My baby's photo is up on to be a finalist for the cover. If you think this photo is super cute... then vote for her photo everyday! ;) Here's the photo and here's the link.

{Ruari at 20 weeks}



Thursday's Three ... Robots

This weeks Thursday's Three is Robot themed! Please enjoy!

1)This is a VERY cute business card wallet from Jenn Maruska Design. Please check them out!

{Robot business card wallet ... JennMaruskaDesign}

2) Now this is cute! A little robot doll. I love it! Cute cute cute shop! And, how awesome is it that they are from Portland. Cart Before the Horse.

{Robot doll ... Cart Before the Horse}

3) I heart robot screen print. Funny! Would look lovely in my baby's room. Check out the shop: Mengsel Design.

{I heart robot screen print ... Mengsel Design}

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{Ruari at 21 weeks}



Thursday's Three ... Honey bee

{Photo from: Bees and Chicks blog}

This weeks Thursday's Three is inspired by the naughty bee's building a hive in the attic of our detached garage!

There is now a steady stream of bee's flying into the cracks of our old rickety garage. Ugh. I am very against killing the bees... Mike wants to spray bug killer in there. I don't! Doesn't he know the bees are dying! Plus: How many stories have you heard about people trying to get rid of bee hives on there own? I've heard plenty (many from my uncles) and it never ends well. The bees usually win!

On to the three...

1) My first pick is this really cute clay bee! He would look so sweet hanging from my cherry tree! I love them! Please head over to Blue Room Pottery to check them out!

(Bzzz bzzz bee from ... Blue Room Pottery}

2) This artist is so talented! Please head over to their shop to see they're other paper cutting creations. Amazing!

{Bears, bees and a book ... gocarrgo}

3) I have blogged about this shop before. Andrew's Reclaimed has a ton of eco-friendly goods for your home and garden. They use woods sourced by dismantling and re-milling ages-old piers, fences, barns, and other structures slated for demolition. Someday I'm going to have to finally buy something from them. I keep blogging about them! :)

{Mason bee nest box ... andrewsreclaimed}

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{Ruari Bee at 20 weeks}



Shop Highlight ... The Dark Monkey

I personally do not have an Apple laptop, but I'm loving the decals for Apple laptops at the Dark Monkey! Please enjoy and check out their shop! Maybe I need to get one for my mom's laptop (she has an Apple)?

{BOO Glow in the Dark Decal ... The Dark Monkey}

{Snow White's Revenge Apple Decal ... The Dark Monkey}

{Yoshi eating apple Apple Decal ... The Dark Monkey}

{Apple pirate Apple Decal ... The Dark Monkey}

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{Ruari at 20 weeks}



Monday's My Pick ... Preserve Toothbrush!

{Preserve toothbrush}

I try to recycle as much as I can! Every scrap of paper... every soup can... So, when I found out about the Preserve toothbrushes, I was so excited! I know... I'm easily excited! ;)

These brushes handles are made from 100% recycled plastic. AND, when you are done with that toothbrush you send it back to them and they recycle it again! They will turn it into park benches, picnic tables and boardwalks. They also come in a little package to send it back in!

Can't find anywhere to recycle those #5 plastics? Preserve will take them! Click here to find a drop off site. Click here to buy these toothbrushes!

I think I'll get some of these toothbrushes for myself. Ruari's gummy mouth isn't quite ready for a toothbrush yet!

{Ruari at 20 weeks}