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Thursday's Three: My new grocery list

This weeks Thursday's Three is inspired by a shopping list I found in my purse... it looks a lot different than my pre-baby shopping list:

{My shopping list}

- Wine
- Diapers
- Butter
- Chicken
- Sugar
- Diaper Butt Cream
- Beer
- Milk Storage Bags
- Bread
- Lanolin

On to my Thursday's Three...

1) These bags are perfect! I hate using plastic bags at the grocery store. This would help solve my problem! So perfect! Mesh produce bags.... Just throw them in the wash!

{Mesh produce bags: daisydots}

2) This is a very cute grocery list from We've Got Paper. They have so many cute cute creations. Please check them out.

{Grocery list from ... We've Got Paper}

3) This is a neat and unique chalkboard wall decal. So cute! I want this! Please check out this shop for more goodies.

{Chalkboard wall decal from ... jolyonyates}

Don't forget to check out the Paper Mama's Thursday's Three:

{Ruari at 22 weeks}

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