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Thursday's Three ... Honey bee

{Photo from: Bees and Chicks blog}

This weeks Thursday's Three is inspired by the naughty bee's building a hive in the attic of our detached garage!

There is now a steady stream of bee's flying into the cracks of our old rickety garage. Ugh. I am very against killing the bees... Mike wants to spray bug killer in there. I don't! Doesn't he know the bees are dying! Plus: How many stories have you heard about people trying to get rid of bee hives on there own? I've heard plenty (many from my uncles) and it never ends well. The bees usually win!

On to the three...

1) My first pick is this really cute clay bee! He would look so sweet hanging from my cherry tree! I love them! Please head over to Blue Room Pottery to check them out!

(Bzzz bzzz bee from ... Blue Room Pottery}

2) This artist is so talented! Please head over to their shop to see they're other paper cutting creations. Amazing!

{Bears, bees and a book ... gocarrgo}

3) I have blogged about this shop before. Andrew's Reclaimed has a ton of eco-friendly goods for your home and garden. They use woods sourced by dismantling and re-milling ages-old piers, fences, barns, and other structures slated for demolition. Someday I'm going to have to finally buy something from them. I keep blogging about them! :)

{Mason bee nest box ... andrewsreclaimed}

Don't forget to check out the Paper Mama's three...

{Ruari Bee at 20 weeks}



  1. ha ha. I love that last photo.

  2. Hi there,
    I note that you are aware of mason bees. Do you keep them yourself?

    For your honey bee problem, why not contact your local association of bee keepers - they often are usually very happy to come and remove the swarm.
    Hope you resolve the isBest regards,
    Paul.sue naturally.

  3. i think the last pic is my fave!!! : ) what a cute post! you have an adorable blog!

  4. cute picks!! But I think your lil bee is the best of all :)

  5. You are just adorable btw.


  6. Thanks for posting my Bee day card! I really enjoy your Blogg and etsy shop!

  7. What a nice blog, I love your last little bee! It surpasses my little bees by far! Thank you so much Chelsey for featuring my work, I love bees!