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Belly Growth

This will be a continually updated belly growth post. I will keep a link to this in my sidebar. Enjoy! Its interesting for me to see how I've grown! AND, you'll get to watch my color grow out in my hair too! Ha....

4 weeks - May 6th, 2009:
Just found out I was pregnant and I took like 5 pregnancy tests!
5 weeks:

6 - 10 weeks: I was sleepy and barfy. No photos!

11 weeks:
I felt sick for 2 months, but this was one day I felt ok enough to take a photo!
12 weeks:
A good non-barfy day for me!
13 - 14 weeks: were REALLY bad for me. No photos! I slept the whole time...

15 weeks:
I'm finally starting to feel better here. Thank goodness!
16-17 weeks: I'm out of town

18 weeks:
19 weeks:
My belly has popped and she is kicking me like crazy! I love it.
20 weeks:
Wearing a Paper Lady Crown. I hope to get my shop opened soon. It's hard
to work while on limited movement. :(
21 weeks:
Starting to fill out. I definitely look preggo now!
22 weeks:
Babies moving up.
23 weeks:
24 weeks:
She's growing. Over a pound by now and 8 inches head to rump.
25 weeks:
Baby is about 8.5 inches (head to rump) long now and weighs about
1.5 pounds. 15 more weeks...

26 weeks:
I think my belly is mostly getting ~wider~ right now! :)

27 weeks:
Ok, it grew!
28 weeks:
I think I'm mostly getting wider right now...
29 weeks:

i am a belly.
30 weeks:

still getting wider...
31 weeks:

32 weeks:

33 weeks:

I feel a lot bigger....


  1. OH girlie..Ive been MIA..Congrats..that is so wonderful the pictures....Your a beautiful mommy to be.

    Sonia ;)

  2. wow from 18 to 19 you jumped some bellage :)

    so cute!

  3. i love the very last pic (where you are laying down)!! i am gonna take one of my self like that!! you look gorgeous!!