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Thursdays Three: Awesome dog crafts!

My Thursdays Three: Awesome Dogs

I found this awesome website! Its not in English, but from what I can tell is that you can order paper patterns and fold them into these need animals and other items! I thought the Basset Hound was super cute! Check out the gallery! I think all those animals are paper. Amazing! Too bad I can't understand the website!

Paper Basset Hound and their gallery by Kei Craft

Oh I love this! I want this! This would be a Dachshund Valentine! A little plushie to send in the mail to your Valentine! I want this! Go to her shop and check out the Pug Valentine!

Dachshund Valentine by, Cuore

And, I know you've all seen these needle felted dogs, but they are amazing and need to be in my Three. I know I could not do this, unless I was forced to practice everyday for years! I love them!

Custom Needle Felted Dog by, Kays K9s

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My Roxanna had a Baby

I got to see my new little "niece" today! She is soooo sweet. BUT, she was 10.5 pounds when she was born. Big!

Roxanna and Kamilah

Kamilah Simone

So much hair...

Oh, now I need to start spoiling! You have to start early!

Baby Cocoon Knit Pattern by, Lillebarn

Newborn Beanie by I'd Knit That

So sweet.



....•○©○• Under Construction •○©○•....

My online world is under construction and redesign.

Hammer Tie Tack by, Dabble Designs

My blog and shop will be getting a new look. I've also opened up a second shop, Little Paper.
Little Paper will be the perfect place for me to explore my other creative side. Stay tuned for that...

Under Construction Potholders by, Originals by Lauren

And, I hope you enjoy the changes that will continue to happen over the next few weeks!

Construction Dress by, Lien Rebecca

I LOVE feedback, so feel free to let me know what you think.

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You're name's Chelsey? My dog's name is Chelsey...

Chelsea by, Lisa Marie Design

Hi, my name is Chelsey...
"Oh! My dog's name is Chelsey!" ... "You're name is Chelsey? Are you related to Chelsea Clinton?"

Chelsey's Seduction by, walshc

Those are the two most common responses I get when I introduce myself to someone new. I can't even count how many times I've heard these! I remember when Clinton was first elected (I was in grade school) and every adult I met asked if I was related to Chelsea Clinton. I remember thinking, "Ummm, my first name is Chelsey. My last name is not Clinton." I just didn't get it.

The Chelsey Hat by, Pink Polish Design

Let me know, what do people say to you when they learn your name? If it's Roxanne, do they start singing, "Roxanne, you don't have to put on the red light..."?

Chelsea Bridal Gown by, Amy Z

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Transform your work space and Thursdays Three plus a couple more

My current project: Fix up my studio space (aka my dining room).

I found this idea in the Martha Stewart Living Magazine (my best friend).

Its two bookcases turned into a sort of armoire. I love it! I can't wait to get it finished. Its halfway done (meaning I have one bookcase :)).

Since my house is so small, I need somewhere to hide all my goodies!
I'll be sure to post a photo of my finished project when I'm done!

AND, here are a few items I'd like to add to my new studio!

Bunny Pencil Case by, Govango

Magnetic Clips by sfvictoriangirl

Recycled Business Card Holder by, 1453 Designs

Mini Clipboard by, Uncorked

Glass Box Terrarium by, Made by Mavis

Personalized Note Card Set by, design hut

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Redecorate me!

I think I need to redecorate my home and Me!

Antique Monarch Chair by, Spruce Home

Queen Robin by, The Runny Bunny

Mixed Media Collage by, Oiseaux Noir

Red Bird Pillow by, Pillow Happy

Collage Dress by, Kalivoda

Edythe Ring by, The Pebble Collection

Deep Pocket Apron by, In Good Company


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What should I buy myself for my Birthday? Part II

Oh, I couldn't decide and I found more stuff I love!!!

The Generous Rabbit by, The Black Apple

Peacock Feather Hair Clip by, Vie Moderne

Meet Me at Mikes by, Belle and Boo

Victorian Scarflette by, Tickled Pink Knits

Headboard Decal by, Elephannie

I bet I'll give in and purchase a couple of these. What do you think I should get? Anything from this post? Anything from yesterdays post?


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What should I buy myself for my Birthday?

I get to pick out my own present for my Birthday this year (February 1st). Yay! What should I get?

Titmouse by, Michele Maule

Hummingbird Birdhouse by, Woodland Cottage

Up and Down Print by, Belle and Boo

Keepsake Pendant by, The Vintage Chain

Warm and Cozy by, Trish Grantham

Sketchbook Tote by, DrikaB

Green and Yellow Chickadees by, Karin Grow

There are so many things I'd love to buy. What do you think?



I Heart U Giveaway

Let's celebrate the Valentines holiday with a giveaway! Ends on January 31st!

You could win:

Needle Felted Rabbit by pepperandfarley and a set of 4 Valentine Paper Crown Cards by Me! (Card in picture is just an example of what you'll receive. Not the actual card.)

How to win and rules (please follow all rules, or you will not be entered):
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-- Be sure to include your email address so I can contact you if win.
-- If you do win, you will have 2 days to get back to me by email with your address. I will give the prize to the 2nd runner up if I don't get a response.

Last day to enter is at 11:59 (Pacific Time) January 31st, 2009

Have fun!


Another Happy Customer!


Thursdays Three...

Oh, so nice to be back! Here's my Thursdays Three!

Playing in the Poppies by, P Hearts B

Baby Bird Stamp by, Norajane

Howdy Crown Card by, Paper Lady Invites

Yes, I included my shop this time! Yay!

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