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Thursdays Three: Awesome dog crafts!

My Thursdays Three: Awesome Dogs

I found this awesome website! Its not in English, but from what I can tell is that you can order paper patterns and fold them into these need animals and other items! I thought the Basset Hound was super cute! Check out the gallery! I think all those animals are paper. Amazing! Too bad I can't understand the website!

Paper Basset Hound and their gallery by Kei Craft

Oh I love this! I want this! This would be a Dachshund Valentine! A little plushie to send in the mail to your Valentine! I want this! Go to her shop and check out the Pug Valentine!

Dachshund Valentine by, Cuore

And, I know you've all seen these needle felted dogs, but they are amazing and need to be in my Three. I know I could not do this, unless I was forced to practice everyday for years! I love them!

Custom Needle Felted Dog by, Kays K9s

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