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You're name's Chelsey? My dog's name is Chelsey...

Chelsea by, Lisa Marie Design

Hi, my name is Chelsey...
"Oh! My dog's name is Chelsey!" ... "You're name is Chelsey? Are you related to Chelsea Clinton?"

Chelsey's Seduction by, walshc

Those are the two most common responses I get when I introduce myself to someone new. I can't even count how many times I've heard these! I remember when Clinton was first elected (I was in grade school) and every adult I met asked if I was related to Chelsea Clinton. I remember thinking, "Ummm, my first name is Chelsey. My last name is not Clinton." I just didn't get it.

The Chelsey Hat by, Pink Polish Design

Let me know, what do people say to you when they learn your name? If it's Roxanne, do they start singing, "Roxanne, you don't have to put on the red light..."?

Chelsea Bridal Gown by, Amy Z

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  1. Aww! I think Chelsea is such a pretty name. Mine is and is close to many daily household products: Pam Spray, Spam, Pampers. That's what I hear about.

  2. They ask me if I'm asian LOL

    people do think im part asian, i say no but i'm sorta dating one...i mean Philippino's arent from asia but there eys are slanted. lol

  3. Invariably, people hear my name and ask, "Goddess of Love, right?" I'm so used to it I just automatically correct them and move on.

    I'm partial to the name Chelsea. It's my firstborn's name! :) But I don't think she's ever been asked if she's related to the Clintons. How strange.

  4. People that say things like that [about your first name] just have nothing else to say. It is weird and a bit sad for them. People ask me if my name is short for something. Like...?? It was popular in the60s, and yes, it does come from a longer name but that is not my name. Not Christina, just Tina. Four letters. Short and easy. I was named after Tina Louise of Gilligan's Island fame, however, I like to remind people that she also had a long career on stage--much more cultured than a silly (and short lived) tv program.

    Like that wedding dress--very chic!

  5. I almost forgot my husband works with a Roxanne. And she gets sung at all the time.

  6. My best friend's name is Chelsea and I think she got fed up so she legally changed her name to Goldie!
    I think Chelsea is an awesome name

    Since my name is Estela I get...
    "Did you get your groove back"
    "Like the beer?"


  7. lol....are you related to chelsea clinton....oh man....i don't think i would be able to help but look at them like they're stupid.

    mine (starla) , the two most common responses are either compliments or (and the most annoying one) to ask if my parents were hippies. really? my name's not freakin' moonchild!! geez!

  8. I like the name Chelsea and I understand your pain. lol.

    I'm Belle and people always ask how to spell it....??

  9. That's funny, I LOVE the name Chelsea. That was supposed to be the name of my younger sibling, but then he came out a boy...*sigh*

    I don't get a lot of comments about "Allison", although occasionally someone will start singing the song by Elvis Costello, which is, intriguingly, the only Elvis Costello song I DESPISE. "Aaaaaaaallisoooooon" ugh :)
    The only problem I've ever had with my name is the fact that there are apparently 27 different ways to spell it...