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My Roxanna had a Baby

I got to see my new little "niece" today! She is soooo sweet. BUT, she was 10.5 pounds when she was born. Big!

Roxanna and Kamilah

Kamilah Simone

So much hair...

Oh, now I need to start spoiling! You have to start early!

Baby Cocoon Knit Pattern by, Lillebarn

Newborn Beanie by I'd Knit That

So sweet.



  1. aw-- i love babies! she is ADORABLE can i keep her? :) lol lover her sweet brown hair.

  2. Awww!

    Welcome to the world, sweet girl!

  3. awww! how sweet!! yes...get to spoiling!! i like that baby cocoon. must mark that.

    and on another've been tagged!

    so now you've gotta get to tagging too! lol

  4. Aw, she is gorgeous!!! 10.5 lb babies are fun!