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Transform your work space and Thursdays Three plus a couple more

My current project: Fix up my studio space (aka my dining room).

I found this idea in the Martha Stewart Living Magazine (my best friend).

Its two bookcases turned into a sort of armoire. I love it! I can't wait to get it finished. Its halfway done (meaning I have one bookcase :)).

Since my house is so small, I need somewhere to hide all my goodies!
I'll be sure to post a photo of my finished project when I'm done!

AND, here are a few items I'd like to add to my new studio!

Bunny Pencil Case by, Govango

Magnetic Clips by sfvictoriangirl

Recycled Business Card Holder by, 1453 Designs

Mini Clipboard by, Uncorked

Glass Box Terrarium by, Made by Mavis

Personalized Note Card Set by, design hut

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  1. i make magnet clips like that but call them O'marks :)

    haven't in some time tho!

  2. That bookshelf/armoire is terrific! Do you fit them with hinges to make it close?

  3. Hey Chelsey,

    Thanks for your comment on my blog. I follow your blog to (see me at your followers ;))

    succes with you blog!
    bye bye,

  4. youre in my treasury!

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog Chelsea, I have just been looking through yours eating my bowl of cornflakes !
    I love that Martha Stewart idea, I suggest to a friend of mine who has the smallest flat in the world and need her own bit of creative space.