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Wonderful Etsy Artists

I purchased many things from Etsy before my wedding. Here are a few of the different things I purchased and enjoyed:

Scallop Wrap from A Stitch to Wear:

I brought this wrap to Santorini, Greece with me. It was so nice to have when it got a little breezy! I loved it!

Candyland Eyemask from ity-bity Bags:

This was a lifesaver on the plane rides and ferry rides. Our total travel time to Greece was 24 hours. Back was 26. Man! I LOVE this mask! So comfy!

A travel pillow pillow from SynetCreations:

This too was a lifesaver. I drooled all over this thing!

My kimono wrap from Ahpeele:

I wore this every morning with our beautiful view of the Caldera in Greece. I'd sit there drink my tea, watch the donkey's go by, and see all the amazing ships down in the water.

My wristlet purse from DrikaB:

I attached the wrist part of this purse to a strap and wore this over my shoulder on our whole trip (As shown in my EXTREMELY touristy photo). It was compact, durable, and held a lot! Wonderful buy!

Last, but not least, my beautiful vintage glass bead earrings from MISSFICKLEMEDIA:

I wore these on my wedding day. They were the perfect addition to my wedding outfit.

I really just wanted to thank these artists, because I really enjoyed ALL of these items. Thank you!!!



  1. Oh my word! YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!!
    While envious of all your etsy goodies, I truly feel you make them all the more special.
    I hope for a lifetime of happiness for you and your betrothed!

  2. Wow, those are beautiful items, I'm so proud to be among them! :) Your honeymoon looks grand and you make a beautiful bride. I LOVE your veil! :) Congratulations on your wedding!

  3. What a beautiful place to get married. The items you chose were just perfect.