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How to celebrate the month of October...

My friends and I have a tradition we do every year. Around the first day of October we all get together and paint pumpkins!
Its a perfect way to get together and be with the ones you love, while being creative!

We painted pumpkins last night. Here is mine:

I usually do an abstract self portrait (that's my way of saying I'm not the best painter!).

And last years pumpkins:

Mine is on the top, while my sisters is on the bottom. Hmmm, I seem to use the same paint colors each year!

Give this a try with your friends and family. We LOVE to do this each year. What a great excuse to get together.



  1. Well, I love your pumpkin. It's so modern art! And what a great idea! What kind of paint do you use?

  2. How do you get the paint to stay on the pumpkin? doesn't it just flake off? what if is rains?

    call me traditionall or a veggy slasher, but I still believe is carving one up! YEAH

  3. What a nice tradition. I love how artsy your pumpkins are.