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Uh oh...I'm dreaming about Etsy!

Oh no! I just had a full night of dreaming of Etsy! The dream was mostly about my shop on Etsy. But, there was a girl in my dream COVERED in items from Etsy. She was carrying a purse from DrikaB (one of my favorite Etsy stores), wearing a mustache t-shirt, handmade ribbons in her hair, multiple necklaces, many earrings, and rings all over her fingers! She told me she got all of it from Etsy, and I was like, "I love Etsy!".

Owl and Flora Dream Pillow

Sweet Dreams Print

Dream Big Cuff


  1. Cute Dream!
    I love the dream big bracelet.

  2. You have such a fun blog! I dream of spending my children’s college fund on Etsy.