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Do you keep a journal?

Whether it is to write down your thoughts or sketch inspirations, I believe that every artist should have and use a journal!

In every interior design class I had, the teacher required us to sketch in our journals. An amazing way to get every thought and idea down on paper, so its not forgotten!

I always keep a small journal in my purse. I will often pull it out while shopping, out to dinner, having a drink with friends, or just walking around town. Has it happened to you when you saw something so inspiring, but could not find a pen and paper to jot it down?

I have three journals at all times. One in my purse, another in my "art studio" and one next to my bed. Since I sketch so many things, I often take my favorite pages out of old sketch books and put it in a notebook to have everything together.

Let me know if you keep a journal, and if it helps you!


photos from: estasketch, somavenus, foundandmade, whitneysorrow, crayonmonster


  1. Having something pretty to write in is a must-have for me too.

    Love the caterpillar stitch on those books.

  2. I love your journals, They are super cute.I will keep you in mind when my journal runs out:0)You a awesome blog and etsy shop:0)

  3. I really don't keep much of a journal. I blog daily, and thats kind of my journal? I carry around my zombie escape plan, which my husband had personalized with the words "The cutest grave digger I've ever seen", and fill it with recipes addresses, to-do's, and things like that. But really, I don't keep a journal.

  4. i keep a journal but i am so far away from being done because i dont write in it very often

  5. Hey Chelsey! Thanks so much for featuring my notebook here on your beautiful blog :)