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Handmade Baby Gifts

I love purchasing handmade items. It supports
small businesses and you get unique one of a kind items.
This is why I like Etsy. I know of course that there is
no way I can get ALL of my baby supplies handmade, but
I can ask friends and family to buy my gifts handmade and
try to get as much as I can through Etsy.

A few handmade toys from Etsy...

These are such fun toys. Some teethers, bowling
sets, and crayons. They even have some cute
artwork. I definitely love this shop! AND, its in my
town. Yay Portland! Find these at: Kitty BB Love

The cutest little baby rattle/teethers. They are
made of wool and wood. Find these
at: The Scarlet Wood

Felt food toys for children of all ages. They are so
sweet! Check them out at: Mud Pie Kids


  1. Such cute finds! Thanks so much for the blog love and supporting handmade (and local businesses)!
    <3, Sara & Ben

  2. super's so fun having baby on the brain!

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