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Monster Swap

I just wanted to share the cute Monster I received from the Monster Swap on swap bot. Its sooo cute!
His name is Harry D. Yeti. He was made by Bitty Cakes.

He has a little backpack that came with a little ball of yarn and tiny knitting needles.
Here's the monster I made for this swap and his story:
"This is the Sweater Monster.
A Sweater Monster will appear when your husband shrinks your favorite sweater.
If you are not careful the Sweater Monster will get to your husband, confuse him,
and cause your husband to shrink another one of your favorite sweaters.
The only way to stop the creation of more Sweater Monsters is to hide your favorite
sweaters from your husband.

I've also been working hard on restructuring my shop and blog. Here's a song that inspires a lot of creativity. I love it!

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