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The Dreaded Name Change

Ugh... I really need to change my name (I did get married in August). I've been dreading the process.
License Plate Belt Buckle by, Randi Tan

There is a fee for getting married ($60 in Oregon). Plus paying the officiant to marry you ($200). And, you would think a free license comes with the whole getting married thing. Nope. They give you a fake wedding license.Love Me Do Magnet Board by, Polarity

To get the real license you have to order online or go in person to pick them up. So, I thought I'll order them through the mail. NO. Its a ripoff. Your first license is $32.50 plus a $12.50 processing fee. Never mind that! I'm going in person. So, that's $20 a license with no processing fee ($15 for each additional).
License Plate Bird Feeder by, Crafty Guys

Now, I have to figure out how many I need. Our bank needs one, my other bank needs one, social security needs one, the DMV needs one... Who else? I can't think.
Mini Heart Cooper with Custom License Plate by, CB78

We're almost at our 6 month mark... Hee! Wow, in September it will be our 7th year together. Looking back, who would have thought that I would marry the guy I met at the Dave Mathews Concert in the Gorge? Awww memories...
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My Wedding by, Craig Mitchelldyer Photography



  1. It took me a year to get my name changed. I got the run around from the SS office. It was ridiculous. Blah. Good luck!

  2. I didn't pay a dime for my marriage license, Chelsey...or any of the certified copies of same. I live in Portland and we were married in Canby. I've changed everything over except my social security card. I used a website called Miss to Mrs--you plug in all your info and they auto-fill all the forms you need, state specific, and you just print them out and send them to the respective agencies.

    Here is their link:

    Hope this helps!
    Tina xo

  3. I've been married over 3 years now and I still have accounts that don't have my proper name on them. Thanks for the link. I love your blog! I really love your picture too! I'll bet it was a fun wedding.
    kdj42160 for

  4. I really love the photos you used with your post.

  5. On the subject of name changes, I wish I had changed mine back to my maiden name after my divorce when my kids were 3 and 6, but I decided to keep my married name for the sake of simplicity with the kids, school, etc. I've never really identified with my married name. It's a very common name, unlike mine. Here in California, it costs quite a bit to change your name though (unless you do it right when you get married) and, additionally, you have to post a name change announcement in the newpaper. So, I guess I'm stuck with what I've got...

    Great photos, by the way!

  6. Happy 6 months. And by the way, I never changed my last name --- and I have been married for 14 years :) I wanted to carry on my father's family name. And now, our son carries both mine and his father's name ... Renshaw-Sirimoglu. He'll be mad at me for it later. Or maybe he won't :)