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A Day in the life of Chelsey!

Sooooo, I had a Chelsey day! I did some shopping, I drank some tea, and did some crafts. Good day!

I think I may be addicted to tea. I LOVE the Trader Joes green tea. Also, when I'm in town I love Portland's local company Peet's Coffee. They have great Earl Grey tea. I love my C cup.AND, I bought some cute items today.Okay, I totally had to fix these earrings after I bought them! They had loops on BOTH ends! I know they were cheap but really? It took me a minute to figure them out. I couldn't figure out how I was supposed to put them on. Luckily I knew how to fix them! Now I love them.
THEN, I found some cute new shoes that were majorly on sale! How could I pass them up? By the way, my neighbors must think I'm crazy. Here I am trying to get the best light for the photo and putting my foot up on the entrance table to our house. Right in front of our house. I know they've seen me taking photos with my paper Queen crowns on too.
I've been working on my new shop a LOT! Here's another item that will be in my little paper home shop. I LOVE these! They are repurposed tea cups that I have turned into birdfeeders or planters. I will have them up in my shop tomorrow! I may keep this one though. I really love it!
They would also be perfect for a little herb plant! Hang them in your kitchen! I know I'm going to do that!So please! Check out my new shop tomorrow. I hope to have them up around 4 pm Pacific time. Each one is unique! So, if you see one you like grab it before its gone!

Don't forget to vote where my girlfriends and I should go for our 30th birthdays in 4 years! We want to know what you think!



  1. Hehe, cute photos of you! And I love love love your hanging tea cups! I can't wait to see them in the shop. And figure out who I can give them to! LOL!

  2. Those shoes are HAWT! and OMG! How cute are those cups! What a lovely idea! Going to check out your shop, YAYs!

  3. Cute hanging tea cups!!

  4. Love the shoes!! And the hanging tea cups are brilliant!