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Guerrilla Knitting

Have any of you heard of this?
I think it is so neat! Basically, knitters are leaving their marks throughout the world through knitted creations!
This reminds me of a Portland (Oregon) artist that tied little plastic horses to the old horse rings throughout Portland! I still see them around! The Horse Project.
Does your city have any neat public art displays? Please share! Blog about it and let me know!

And, now I leave you with something way cute! Oh man! You NEED to watch!


  1. I love the idea of the guerrilla knitting!! And the horse project, that's too awesome.
    No fun art projects here. Maybe Riley and I should set out to do that!

  2. Yes, you should tie little yeti's up all around your city!

  3. I never heard of guerrilla knitting, quite interesting. I did just see an HBO look at the movie Coraline and there was a miniature knitter on there, pretty amazing, she knitted with tiny needles to make a tiny sweater. Also, that horse project is fantastic, love the photos.

  4. I love the guerrilla knitting idea. What a great way to leave a mark.

  5. I'm in the Toy Dallas, they did horses, in Oklahoma, they did Buffalo, I've also seen fish...I think in New Orleans.........hmmmmmmm.
    I love them all
    Your sweater monsters are great.....I love how they are 'born'....I'll have to remember to keep my sweaters away from my hubby.