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Neat-o Shop!

So I found this neat little Etsy shop.
Poodlebreath's shop items are so unique and fun! I had so much fun looking through the shop. Please, take a look for some unique finds!Little Helping Hands Wall Sculpture by, PoodleBreath

I'm always so pleasantly surprised to find so many unique and neat shops on Etsy!

Now, back to me! Stay tuned to little paper home for new items! Soon to come, handpainted words, chalkboards, magnets, and more! Just a few more touches I need to add to everything!
And, one of my Milk Glass Vintage Bird Feeders was recently featured in Etsy's Gardening and Horticulture gift guide.
Its for sale right now at little paper home.
What am I listening to today while I create?

Solange (Beyonce's little sis) Sandcastle Disco


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  1. I think that shop is fantastic, I love the details, colors and photos.