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Lets talk about my Princess

Meet Princess: She loves to play fetch and she'll come running into the room mewing with her mouth full of her favorite toy. I throw it for her and she's brings it back.
I just thought I'd talk about her because I got home last night and walked into a trap of thread she had strung through the dining room/living room. She knocked the spool off the table and wrapped the thread throughout the living room. My legs were all tangled. She's so special.

Embroidered Personalized Vintage Spool Necklace by, Emma Dear
I Want to Spool You Rotten - Print by, The Curious Nomad



  1. Princess is just a doll--*MUWAH* oxo

  2. I adore cats, thanks for sharing your Princess story. She is cute and a lil prankster! :P

  3. Princess is funny, I like it that she actually plays with her toys, super cute!

  4. Aww, what a cutie!! I grew up w/ a cat that would play fetch. It was oh so fun! Though he would get tired after only 3 or 4 times. then you would throw it, he'd run after it and then just come back to you w/ no toy! signaling 'this is over, now pet me'