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You talk to animals too? Thursday's Three

You know you talk to your dogs and cats. I do! I just had a 5 minute conversation with Angus the Chihuahua! I know he understood. So, I bring back Thursday's Three with a talking to animals theme. Check out these cute shops on Etsy!The Girl Who Talked to Birds by, the dreamy giraffe
We Need to Talk Print by, Lake Illustration
Fox Felicitations by, time2cre8

Check them out!-chelsey


  1. Cute pics. I not only talk to my animals, I talk *for* them. I might be pretty weird.

  2. thank you for your comment!
    I really like the birds. Great etsy finds!!
    bye Marieke

  3. Oooh I'm going to head on over to Etsy! I Collect a lot of bird art.


  4. hahaha cute dog at the end! i know i just needed a break i guess. im back though, im not sure how instancely though since i have a out of home job now :)

  5. Funny pic of the pooch, ha ha! Yes, I spend a lot of time alone with my cats and they've heard just about everything. They also like to listen to Jazz music with me. They do. Really. ;-)

  6. Aw, is that a picture of Angus? How sweet he is, I'd totally be talking to him too =P

  7. Zira and I chat all the time :)

    Oooooo, any dress secrets you have would be appreciated, as I still need one! It's going to be a super tiny 'wedding'.

    You can find my email on my profile :)


  8. What a wonderful blog!
    I too LOVE cherry blossoms! Traverse City MI is just loaded with cherry trees and they're so beautiful when they're all in bloom!

    Pinkfink :-)

  9. Thanks for including me! I appreciate