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Mmmmm Bacon! ... Thursday's Three

{Chocolate covered bacon made by my seester: Nicole!}

So, my lovely sister made me some delicious chocolate covered bacon. Yes! Chocolate covered bacon. It was soooooo yummy! Of course, I am a bacon-aholic. Num! Here's the recipe ;) ...

Chocolate Covered Bacon
Recipe by my seester: Nicole!

- Your favorite bacon
- Melted chocolate
- Chili flakes

- Skewers

Preheat oven to 400.

Place bacon on baking sheet (make sure it has edges so the grease doesn't get everywhere). When the bacon is done, skewer it! Dip it in the melted chocolate... sprinkle on the chili flakes... Ta dah! It is yummy!

Another one of my fave bacon treats are the bacon maple bars from Voodoo Doughnut in Portland. They are awesome! Don't forget to get married while you're there!

{Photo from: Goodies First}

{Photo from: Liz Crain}

Off to my Thursday's Three:

1. So, you don't live in Portland and you don't want
to make your own bacon? How about some
bacon peanut brittle! Sounds delicious! Seriously!

{Bacon peanut brittle: bonbonbrittle}

2. Have a hole in those jeans? Want to spice up
your sofa pillows? How about some
Iron-On Bacon patches! These are so fun!

{Bacon iron on patches: diffractionfiber}

3. Nothing says I Love You more than spelling
it out in bacon! Get this cute card for your sweetie!

{I Love You bacon card: SweetMeats}

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{Ruari and her foot at 17 weeks}


  1. Wow. That's like....crazy.
    I like bacon, a lot, sometimes...but with my chocolate? Hmmm. Personally that might be a bit of a desecration. :)

  2. That's what I thought when my sis brought it over. But, it was REALLY good.
    I also like to sprinkle a little sea salt on my chocolate... so I may be a little weird! :)

  3. oh Bacon Peanut Brittle actually sounds amazing!

    The county fair here sells chocolate covered bacon. I don't like chocolate (crazy I know, I get that a LOT) but my husband looks forward to it every year.

  4. Your hubby's a smart man! ;)


  5. Oh my goodness. That is such a hoot. What interesting recipes!!

  6. I used to work at Anthropologie too!!! = )

    I definitely spent pretty much every penny I made! haha!

  7. Thanks for commenting on my blog. :) The bacon maple donuts are exactly what I was thinking of when I wrote about Voodoo Donuts! They look soooo good.