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Monday's my pick ... Flower girl

So, we had a lovely Sunday! I helped my sis try on some
wedding dresses! She plans to try on a bunch to get an
idea of what her favorite style is, then order a dress from
Ebay. That's what I did. My dress retailed for about $900,
but I got mine on Ebay (made for me) for $160
(shipping included!).

{My sister and I doing the Chicken Dance at my wedding. My cheap dress!!!}

WARNING: If you are Nicole's Fiance. DO NOT scroll down! :)

{Nicole in my favorite dress of the day}

Monday's my pick:
Well, Ruari is the flower girl. This means we need
a cute dress for her to walk down the aisle in!
I absolutely love this from Fattie Pie:

{Ballerina Dress ... fattiepie}

{Ballerina Dress ... fattiepie}

{Ruari at 16 weeks}


  1. love the gown she tried on!!

  2. Cute children!
    Hey, your "cheap dress" is really pretty.
    Adorable little one, that last pic!