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Ok, I'll participate ... Flashback Friday!

I'm going to participate in Christopher and Tia's quest for blog
domination and join them for Flashback Fridays!

My flashback... this was our Christmas party in 2008. Our
ugly Christmas sweater party! We made our significant others
wear the sweaters too! I posted this photo up on my Flickr account,
and it ended up getting used in a blog post on Stuff White People Like.

{The boys: 2008}

Mike's friends started emailing him asking if that was him
on the website. I thought it was hilarious. I guess I have to share
the photo of the girls too:

{All the girls in the sweaters: 2008}

{Mike and I b.c. (before child): 2008}

?: What do you do for recreation?
The Dude: Oh, the usual. I bowl. Drive around. The occasional acid flashback.

{The Big Lebowski onesie ... trulysanctuary}

Join us! Flashback!
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