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Monday's My Pick ... Finger Print Rings

{Finger print rings from: fabuluster}

With my sister newly engaged and ring searching... I couldn't help myself and decided to check out what Etsy has to offer. I found these really neat finger print rings from Fabuluster! How neat! It's easy too. They send you an impression kit in the mail, you mail it back to them with your finger print, and they send you the ring! AND, it's so much more fun than a plain old band! Check it out!


  1. DUDE! Okay, so you posted a non-mom related post, but here I am, momming it out...

    It'd be really cool to have a ring for each kids' fingerprints and then stack them. They're perfect stacking rings.

    How unique!

  2. Maybe you could do the fingerprints all on one ring since those fingers are tiny?