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{Cherry blossom print by ShadedMemories}

I love me some cherry blossoms AND tattoos. Which
might be why I have a cherry blossom tattoo. With all of the trees
blooming these beautiful bunches of flowers, I find myself
longing for another permanent drawing on my skin. Before
I was pregnant I was planning for my next tattoo.
But, once I got pregnant I had to put this off.

{Mike and I in Santorini in 2008}

Now I'm breastfeeding (well, pumping. That's a whole other story)
I will need to wait longer. I know I want more cherry blossom
flowers on my right wrist, from the same lady that did my shoulder,
with Laureli's name in tiny writing.

{Cherry blossom posts by shlomitofir}

I have to decide how much longer I can stand to pump
five times a day... then I can decide when to get my tattoo.
Any other tattoo cravings out there?

{Ruari's bathtime at 15 weeks}

(By the way... I know, I was lazy and used the same
blog post from my mama blog! I just love
tattoos and cherry blossoms though!)

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  1. Ohhh, lovely. Tattoos are sweet, but I'm not sure I'd get one personally. Not opposed to it, though;)
    You and your hubby are adorable! Love that pic of you guys! <3
    I just found your blog.... :) Cute place!