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Mother's Day gift ideas ... Hurry! It's almost here!

Mother's Day will be here soon... May 9th to be exact! That means all you daughters and sons out there are going to have to hurry and get your orders in ASAP!

How about you tell your wife (or mom) exactly how you feel? This Hot Mom pillow is perfect! I think I need this in my home. :) Check out Honey Pie Design for more cute pillows!

{Hot Mom pillow ... HoneyPieDesign}

I ALWAYS love the cards at the Maybe You Should Die Etsy shop. LOVE them! This one cracks me up! Maybe I'll get it for my mom.

{Mother's Day Sandwich card ... maybeyoushoulddie}
Inside card:

{Mother's Day Sandwich card ... maybeyoushoulddie}

I love all the fun onesies over at TrulySanctuary! I think my little babe needs to sport this:

{Better tattoo onesie ... trulysanctuary}

How about breakfast in bed for mom? Check out the pancake mixes from my fellow Oregonian at Made With Love Oregon.

{Apple cinnamon pancake mix ... MADEWITHLOVEOREGON}



  1. I'm totally buying that card for my mom!

  2. Those are great!!! I love finding fun stuff like that on ETSY.

  3. sweet collection. Thanks!