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treasury time . oh gnome you didn't!

as i was searching for awesome items to place in
my Garden Lover's Gift Guide i kept coming across
all these lovely gnome creations! i've made a treasury,
please enjoy! below are a few of my favorites from
the collection of goodies!

this shop is so sweet! i love the terrariums and all
the little creatures and items she creates for them!
{photos from: doodlebirdie}

i love this little shop! these little cupcake toppers
are soooo cute! very creative shop. check it out
for more creations!
{photos from: lillybonbon}

the little clay sculpture from this shop are great!
i would love to adopt this little gnome! please check
out the shop.
{photos from: iktomi}

this shop is full of cute hats and wrist warmers!
it makes me super excited for winter! check them out!
{photos from: WeeLittleRobin}


  1. Thanks so much for featuring my shop on your blog!
    I adore the terrariums and that little red hat is so adorable!
    I love your blog- it's so pretty :)


  2. What cute findings, Chelsey! That little clay home is SO sweet! Thanks for including my shop among them! :)


  3. Cute! that hat would suit the collar i made,