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foodie . pie in a jar gift!

what a wonderful fabulously yummy idea! I would
be more than happy to receive this. yum!

. single serving pie in a jar .
you need some jarsa pie dough recipe
a filling recipe *yum*your choice or toppingbake it and your ready to enjoy! i found this at our best
. a wonderfully yummy website!or if you can part with these yummy little pies,
head over to for these free
little printable labels for gift giving! so sweet.
{please check out the our best bites blog for
recipes and baking time!}

have you found a fun and unique foodie gift? share
it here! i'd love to see it and blog about it!

and don't forget my sale ends tomorrow, so head
over to paper lady invites to get your own paper


  1. I'm so glad you liked these, thanks for sharing it! I love your blog- so many cool things to look at. I'm off to explore it!

  2. those are fantastic! an amazing idea

  3. Those look so yummy! Single serving for pies is such a great idea.

  4. Ils sont vraiment mignons, ces petits pots pleins de trésors... délicieux !
    Kisses from France

  5. so cute, going to make a note to try this out next week :)